archive for September, 2003

Stumbling Around

I found this interesting and artistic flash site yesterday with Stumble. It’s a really interesting concept, but I’m not sure that they have a the best algorithm possible.

FotR Commentary

McSweeney’s has a very fun unused commentary for the Fellowship of the Ring by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.


I’ve been looking into trying to build SOAP web services in PHP. Until today I hadn’t found any good looking libraries to handle all of the XML. Finally, I found one that looks promising: NuSOAP.
It’s licensed under the LGPL, so we should be OK there.
I sure hope they make all of this SOAP stuff standard in PHP 5.

Blogger Freed by Google

Blogger pro is now free. The good people at and Google have rolled all of the pro features into the free service, and they’re even adding more features. Nice job guys, but you are still planning on making money some how aren’t you? What’s going on?

Flash 7 and the cross domain file has a great description of how to use Flash 7’s cross domain policy file. It looks like a good idea to me. We sure could have used it with Flash 6. If you have Flash code out there that loads movies or files from other domains, this is a must read.

Copyright Exemptions?

US Copyright Law apparently excludes actions against consumers of certain devices (see subsection 1008). The question is: do home computers count as a “digital audio recording device”.

ArsDigita University

ArsDigita University offers online courses in the following subjects:
Math for Computer Science
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Discrete Math
How Computers Work
Object-oriented Program Design
Web Applications
Theory of Computation
Artificial Intelligence
Unix Workshop
Database Management Systems
Applied Probability