archive for November, 2003

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Paper Back

Cory Doctorow announced that Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is available in paper back. I enjoyed reading this book for free, and think it would make a great gift for any sci-fi fan.

Must Read: The Psycological Foundations of Culture

The Psycological Foundations of Culture is the 2nd chapter of The Adapted Mind by Tooby and Cosmides.

This is really a note reminding myself that I need to read it.

3-D Chalk Art

This art work is amazing!

Maybe it’s all about camera angles, but from here… it looks good.

Mozilla Browser Spell Checker

This thread on MozillaZine sure makes it look like we will have a spell checker in Mozilla sooner rather than later.

I’ve done some quick testing, and it looks like it works to me. I’ll probably wait for the installer to mature before I use it in SeaMonkey.


I just saw a little clip on TechTV about a program called RegSeeker. It looks like a great way to edit your windows registry without breaking something. It even lets you turn off those pesky startup programs that aren’t in the startup folder.
My question is: why didn’t Microsoft build this into windows back in ’95?

Fun with batch files

This guy has a great site with lots of scripting information. Including: how to use a batch file to backup via FTP.