archive for December, 2003

Ten things I love about Mozilla

Mozilla is currently my favorite web browser, and here’s why. Features are being added all of the time, so you can expect this list to become outdated soon.

1. Tabbed browsing
Type CTRL+T to make a new tab. Right click on links to open them in a new tab. Use CTRL+Enter to open a url in a new tab. I like tabs loading in the background (see the preferences dialog* to change this setting).

2. Spell checking in forms
Right click and run a spell checker before you submit that blog or forum post. This is still being tested, but I love it already.

3. Pop-up blocking
Turn this on in the preferences dialog* to disable almost all unwanted pop-up ads. You can also enable pop-ups on a site by site basis.

4. Search bar, location bar searching, and context menu searching
See something in the text that you want to search for on the web? Just select the text, right click on the selection, and search. Be sure to set your default search engine in the preferences dialog*. In Mozilla you can also search directly from the address/location bar,
and in Firebird you can search from a special search bar. To search the page your looking at, use “Find As You Type”. Just start typing on a web page, and it’ll search for text links. Type a forward slash (/) first to search any text. Hit F3 to go to the next result.

5. Junk mail (spam) filtering
If you use Mozilla mail, you can use some of the most advanced and accurate junk mail filtering technology available. You’ll have to train it by telling the system what spam looks like (it’s as simple as clicking a button each time new junk mail comes in). Once the system is trained, you can have it automatically sort out the junk.

6. Standards compliant
Mozilla handles standards compliant pages better than anyone, and doesn’t choke on standard incompliant pages.

7. Cross platform
If you love it on MS Windows, you’ll love it just as much on Mac and Linux

8. Open source
I’m a software developer, so I love to find out how things work. With Mozilla, not only can you figure out how it works, you can improve it yourself.

9. Themes
Want to change the way your browser looks? It’s easy with both Mozilla and Firebird. My favorite is Pinball.

10. Extensions
Looking for more features? Chances are, someone else built an extension for it, and it’s easy to download and install.

* To open the preferences dialog in Mozilla open the Edit menu and click Preferences, and in Firebird open the Tools menu and click Options.