Jesse and I have been looking at getting a new vacuum cleaner for the past few months now. Our old one served us well for a while, but it’s so loud now that we just can’t stand to use it (plus, the smell of burning rubber is pretty bad).

We definitely wanted to get a get a bag-less model. Not being able to find new bags for our old vacuum was a major pain in the neck. I was trying to decide between an upright (better for the carpet), and a canister (quieter on average) models when I ran across some reviews of the Roomba from iRobot. I was expecting to see quite a few negative reviews because it’s such a new product, instead I found that the reviews tended to average 4 out of 5 stars. For those of you that haven’t heard of the Roomba yet, or haven’t clicked on the above link, it’s an automated vacuum cleaner. According to the ads, you charge it up, turn it on, and set it lose on a room. Being battery driven, and pretty small, I don’t expect it to clean as deeply as an upright vacuum. It also has a relatively small “particle bin”, so it’s likely to fill up after cleaning a single room. Like all vacuums with a powered brush roller, long hair does tend to bind up bind it up, so that’ll have to be cleaned regularly (every 5 to 10 uses according to the directions).

I am hoping that the added convenience of being able to turn it on and walk away will mean that we’ll actually clean our floors much much more often than currently. I expect this to result in an overall cleaner house (the Roomba doesn’t like clutter).

Well, it’s charging now. I’ll try to post some updates after I’ve used it for a while.