ApeJet Blog 1.0 Released

Today I’m releasing what I’m calling ApeJet Blog 1.0 (current location) under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 license. I wrote ApeJet Blog over the last half a year or so so that I would have a easy to use blogging application that I’d be able to use just about anywhere, and so that I’d be able to easily add features to it. Originally, I named it Sapling, but I decided to rename it after finding out that Sapling is a registered trademark, even thought it’s not for a similar product. (See? I haven’t forgotten about FireBird yet.)

I’ve started the process of creating a SourceForge project for it. If it is approved, it should go live by the middle of next week. SourceForge requires you to release your code under a license that is compatible with the Open Source Initiative‘s open source definition. Unfortunately, none of the Creative Commons’ licenses are yet recognized by SourceForge. This is a little disappointing because the great thing about the Creative Commons’ licenses is that they are so easy for the layman to understand and they apply to anything that can be copyrighted. The license I chose allows anyone to do anything they want ApeJet Blog as long as they give me credit for what I did, and that they release any changes that they make to it available under the same terms.

I don’t really expect anybody else to use ApeJet Blog because there are plenty of other very mature blogging tools available. Then again, who knows… ApeJet Blog does fit a slightly different niche than the rest, maybe someone else can use it too. Actually, I expect that in the next year or so, I’ll switch to something better. There’s a new standard forming that should be much better than RSS for blogging, and I doubt I’ll have time to upgrade ApeJet Blog. For today however, what I have works well and I’m happy to share it with everyone else.