Dream Log: Sharing

I just woke up from dream. I’ll try to log it here. I was chatting with some head guy from an anti-virus company. He was telling me how they have something like 300,000 real customers today, most of them were gained over the last 5 years because of the growth of the Internet, and the growth of virus threats. He then told me that in the coming years, they’ll be expanding their business by helping people connect with each other, and protecting that connection.

For example, he said that they would “musicate” people. I asked him to repeat the word, not being sure what he said or meant, and he just handed me a couple of books. The first book I looked at hand a cartoon strip across the front. The first cell showed a picture of a couple of women in a cafe drinking coffee. The second was a little more modern and said something about drinking Coke with a friend. I think the next one showed a diet soda, then it was Aquafina bragging about how healthy it was to drink water, etc… I think there were five cells the last one probably showed Starbucks. The general idea was how people are always sucked into fads, and that they cycle. The only other things I remember about the books is that they were paper back, had blue and white covers, and one of them said something about GNU on the cover. That’s about when I woke up.

For some reason, the first thoughts I had when I woke up were about sharing music online. How radio isn’t a substitute for buying CDs, and CDs aren’t a replacement for attending a live performance. Sorry for waisting your time, but I have no idea what any of this means.