Well, I’ve really slacked of lately, haven’t I? Sorry about that. I guess I just haven’t been fining ad many interesting things lately. I guess I could start dropping in the most interesting Boing Boing post of the day, but I’d rather not. Let’s see… what’s new?

I did finish reading the Alvin Maker series (at least what’s available so far) from my projects list. It was a pretty consistently strong series. All of the books were a relatively quick read, and they didn’t explore any issues as much as I would have liked, but they were entertaining none the less.

Oh, I also found out that Source Forge didn’t like my description of the apejet blog project, or they didn’t like the license that I chose for it. I should see if I can deal with the license issues separately, and then re-submit my project.

One last thing… Jesse just sent me this what robot are you link. It’s pretty fun. I turned out to be Roy Batty from Blade Runner. Enjoy.