Running (Again)

I’ve been running every weekday morning for the past 3 weeks. This follows a hiatus, and I’m glad to be back at it. Last fall, Jesse and I did a 12 week running program that turned into 15 weeks. I think we ran for one or two weeks after the program, then it got to cold or someone got sick or we went on vacation (I don’t remember), and we fell out of the habit. This time I’m running with my friend Matt every morning at the same time. We’ve been steadily increasing the duration, and have been doing a pretty good job at not slowing down. If anything, we’ve probably sped up a bit. We just finished a week of doing 12 min. runs. I’m not sure what Matt wants to max out at. At some point, it’s just taking too much out of the day though. I’d guesstimate that we’re running about a 10 min. mile. It would be great to get up to 3 miles a day, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Sorry about the rambling nature of this post. I thought it would be better to write something instead of nothing though.