Last Weekend

Last weekend was very relaxing and fun. It got off to an early start midday Friday with an office Launch Lunch to celebrate the launch of our new product, Verbot 4 Standard Edition. I left the office right after lunch to pick up Jesse at her office. By 3:00, we were on our way to Anaheim to see They Might Be Giants at the House of Blues. Luckily, we gave ourselves plenty of time. Traffic was horrible, and what should have been an hour drive turned out to be two and a half hours of crawling along I-5.

Once we arrived at Downtown Disney we met my mom and her friend from work (they were in Anaheim for a convention). Dinner was at the House of Blues (I had a very good chopped salad, and Jesse had fried chicken). We got in line for the show a little late, so by the time we were let in, there was already a row of people lined up against the stage. We picked a spot to stand, right in front of center stage, and waited the hour for the show to start.

Corn Mo got everyone warmed up, and was really a very funny guy. During the change over between bands, one of the crew talked to the guy in front of us who was there with his little girl. He said that the band had asked if they wouldn’t mind moving up to the balcony because it might not be safe for the little girl to be down with the crowd. He also offered to get them a great seat right in the front of the balcony, and told them that they could meet the band after the show. So, anyway… the guy took the offer, and we found ourselves standing front and center ready for TMBG to come out. They did, and put on a great show that lasted over two hours (if I’m counting correctly). They’re going to be coming out with a new album this summer called “The Spine” I think, so they had a lot of new songs that they were trying out on us. The other big news is that their drummer seems to have changed. I don’t know what happened to Dan Hickey, but he wasn’t there. Instead they had another guy whose name I can’t quite remembered, but who played well and looked to be having a lot of fun.

The show got out just after midnight, and we took off to find out hotel. We had reservations at the Days Inn just outside of the park because we didn’t want to have to drive all of the way home afterwords. We eventually found it, and found the right driveway to get in the parking lot (it wasn’t exactly obvious). It turns out that they don’t have enough parking lot spaces for the number of hotels rooms, and with us checking in so late, we ended up having to park right by the street in front of some dumpsters. The room was ok, but we probably won’t be returning.

Saturday we slept in and then drove over to my grandma’s in Seal Beach. She had an eye appointment, so we had to wait around a bit until she got back. When she returned, we all went out to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. This was the first time for me to eat there, and it was a very enjoyable meal. Nice atmosphere, good service, and great food. What more can you want? We will be going back. The rest of the afternoon was spent driving home and napping.

Sunday was another big day. We had to pick Jesse’s car up from her office (we left it there on Friday), buy groceries, clothes, and a new camera. We ended up getting the Canon A80 (the same camera that my mom has) at Circuit City. We first looked at Best Buy, but I know that Circuit City has a nice policy on giving you the difference + 10% if you find a lower price, and on something so expensive I didn’t want to end up over spending. We also picked up 512 MB of memory for it so that we can take pictures at the maximum resolution without worrying about running out of memory. The A80 takes 4 AA batteries, so we picked up another set of rechargeables. It’s a good thing too, we killed the alkaline batteries by the end of the day. I’m looking forward to getting some practice time in with the camera. It has a lot of new features and options that my old camera didn’t have (shutter speed, f stop, exposure control, white balance, etc…), so I have a little learning to do.

That’s about everything. For being such a busy weekend, it was suprisingly relaxing and productive.