Stuck Hard Drive

Well, not only is Jesse’s laptop in the shop (it mysteriously stopped POSTing over the vacation), but my secondary hard drive locked up. From what it sounds like, old hard drives that are usually run a lot, and then are turned off for a while can get stuck (the moving parts don’t move). I’m not sure if this is from corrosion build up that welds the parts together, or what, but it can be bad. After doing lots of reading on ways to revive a dead hard drive, I found a solution that worked for me.

To fix my hard drive (I don’t know how permentally), I ended up having to tap it on the side with my rubber handled screw driver. I guess I jarred it just enough to break it free so that it’ll work.

My secondary hard drive is just used for storing my pictures, music, and doing backups of some of my main drive’s data. I’m currently copying all of the non-duplicate data from the secondary hard drive onto the primary. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish before it dies for good. Or… I run out of space which is what it looks like just happened. I think it’s time for a new hard drive. 🙁

Lesson learned: always have at least 2 copies of any important data. This should be a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s harder to execute than expected… especially when the “important data” changes from month to month. I’m going to look for a free backup program that will let me select a set of folders to copy over to another drive every night. It would be even better if I could backup the data to a totally different computer, ideally one at a totally different location. We’ll see what I find.

PS: I should note that not all hard drives that die, die in the same way. What worked for me, may not work for you. It may even damage your drive. If you have any data that is truely valuable (thousands of dollars worth), and it’s on a drive that has died, you should probably ship it to a professional to have it fixed.