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/stalk JOIN

I just modded ChatZilla so that I can listen for people joining a channel. To make it optional, I have it check for the stalk word “JOIN”. Yeah, it’s a hack, but I does what I need.

Here’s the code:

var list = client.prefs[“stalkWords”];
for (var i = 0; i {
if(list[i] == “JOIN”)
if (client.prefs[“notify.aggressive”])

It goes in the my_cjoin function in \content\chatzilla\handlers.js in Program Files\\Mozilla\chrome\chatzilla.jar after the this.display(…) inside of the else block.

Now, if I could only get it to show one of those toaster popups.

After asking around in #chatzilla, Silver showed me a better way to mod chatzilla. I’ll see about posting a link to the new version later.

Update 2:
Ok, here is my join notifier plugin. Extract this file into a subdirectory (join_notifier) in your /chatzilla/scripts directory. Open up your preferences window in Mozilla, go to the Chatzilla->Startup section and add your new init.js file. Restart Mozilla.

To use the join notifier in ChatZilla type “/stalk join “. For example: “/stalk join #chatzilla” would notify you when someone (other than you) joins a channel called #chatzilla.

This was a fun little hack. ChatZilla is really setup well to be modded. Now, I’d like to be able to work on the “bayesian” junk mail filtering, but I’m affraid that it would require a recompile which would require Microsoft Visual Studio, and I’m not going to go there.

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