Reformatted Hard Drive

Well, I guess it was time. It’s been almost a year since I last reformatted my main hard drive, so I figured today would be a good time to do some digital house cleaning. I wasn’t exactly trying to go for a full system reinstall, but thanks to my ignorance of boot loaders, I managed to kill my system while trying to recover some more hard drive space for Neverwinter Nights. Long story short, it’s 6 hours later, and here’s what I’ve accomplished:
* Backed up digital pictures and music onto 2nd hard drive
* Backed up Mozilla onto 2nd hard drive
* Reformatted main hard drive (nearly an hour just for that)
* Installed Windows 2000 (another hour)
* (read about half of the NWN manual)
* Installed W2K SP4
* Installed a dozen or so critical Windows Updates
* Installed drivers for: network card, video card, sound card, printer, mouse, and DVD drive
* Installed DSL Dialer, Mozilla, Norton Anti-Virus, WinAmp, PowerArchiver, FileZilla, PuTTY, Startup Control Panel
* Restored digital pictures and music from backup