Monte Cristo Sandwich

Today I wanted to try something new for lunch, so I ordered a monte cristo sandwich from a local deli/restaurant. Big mistake. I thought it sounded interesting on the menu. For those who haven’t tried it yet, it includes: ham, turkey, bread, eggs, swiss cheese, mayonnaise, powdered sugar, sour cream, and jelly. I was a little nervous about jelly on a sandwich, but I like cranberry sauce on turkey sandwiches, so why not?

The monte cristo looked “interesting” when it arrived. Apparently, they dip the whole sandwich in eggs and then deep fry it. Somehow this shredded the egg as it was cooking, so it looked more like a cocoon than a sandwich. It was also also doused with powdered sugar making it look a little like French toast. The raspberry jelly and sour cream were in little cups on the side.

After taking a slightly deeper than normal breath, I cut off a piece and took a byte. Yep, just as bas as I’d feared. The main flavors were eggy French toast, ham, and turkey. It was crispy on the outside and, warm and slightly soggy on the inside. According to Jesse, it’s just what a monte cristo should be. After getting the first bite down, I decided that I should give it a second chance, just in case the first bite didn’t have the right mix of flavors. Unfortunately, it didn’t improved. By this point I was actually a bit grossed out and was losing my appetite. Jesse was kind enough to swap lunches with me, so it didn’t turn out all bad. I hope this experience will be memorable enough that I don’t order another monte cristo for at least a decade.