Roomba Part IV

iRobot has announced a new generation of Roomba are available. We’ve been using our Roomba since February, and we are still very happy with it. Actually, my number one complaint with our current Roomba is that it tends to get hair wrapped around the axles on the brushes. I emailed iRobot, and they claim to have fixed the problem. There are other improvements including: faster battery charging, longer lasting battery, larger particle bin, automatic recharging, and dirt detector. I think we’ll upgrade.

The new Discovery model costs $250, so I’ll try to sell our original Roomba to help defer the costs. eBay is an obvious option, but I’ve never sold anything on eBay, so I’m worried that my lack of reputation will make it a harder sell. I also expect to see a flood of the original models going up for sale as people switch to the new models. If you know anyone who is interested in a friendly robotic vacuum, let me know.