Netflix Actor and Director Rating

Wouldn’t it be cool Netflix used its movie rating data to rate actors and directors based on their movies? Here’s how it could work: for each movie and actor is in (or a director directed) you’d take that movie’s score (1-5) and multiply it by a number based on how much of a role the person had in the movie (higher in the credits would mean a higher number). You’d then average together all of these per movie ratings for a final actor rating. Ok, ok… the math isn’t quite right if you want to end up with a number between one and five, but still… as a general idea it would be cool. I don’t know why Netflix doesn’t already do this. It would be super easy for them to implement, and could be just as useful as the movie rating itself, especially for unknown actors and directors.

It would also be cool to show which directors make similar movies. Just like the similar movies that are shown when you go to a movie’s page, you could show similar directors when you went to a director’s page.

If you know someone who works at Netflix, please pass these ideas along. If they don’t implement it, I may have to do it myself. 🙂