Firefox Preview Release 1.0

Firefox PR 1.0 is now out, so it looks like a good time for me to try switching from Mozilla to Firefox. It’s going pretty well so far. The extension sites are a bit flooded today, so I’ll have to try them out later.

One problem I did run into is that Firefox kept opening mailto links in Outlook. This is not what I wanted. I tried changing the defaults in Add/Remove Programs, and that didn’t work. It turns out that you have to set Firefox’s default email handler in Internet Explorer. Just fire up IE, go to Tools->Internet Options->Programs and set it to what you want. Unfortunately, Mozilla by default will open a browser window when it gets passed a mailto link to deal with. To fix this I had to open up HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command in the registry, and add -compose after mozilla.exe.

I should have a list of my favorite Firefox extensions in a few days.

UPDATE: It looks like I may have the same problem with links going from Mozilla Mail to Firefox. I wonder if I’ll need to switch to Thunderbird to do this right.