Donkey Konga

Jesse and I bought Donkey Konga today. We saw a commercial for it while watching Futurama, and practically rushed right out to by it. It’s sort of like Dance Dance Revolution in that it has certain moves that scroll across the screen and you have to perform it at the right time.

Donkey Konga comes with plastic konga drums, so you can play left, right, both, or clap. We haven’t tried all of the modes, but what we’ve played so far has a song in the background that you play along with. Several of the songs we’ve tried have been lame kids songs, but they also have quite a few cool songs. We’re playing “We Will Rock You” by Queen now (one of the easiest songs).

I think they had a scene in Lost in Translation that showed a young Japanese guy playing this in an arcade. Anyone else remember something like that? Was it Donkey Konga, or just a similar game? Anyway, we’re having a lot of fun with it. They have a demo of it at BestBuy. Try it out.