Best Buy

Yesterday, I bought Star Wars Battlefront at Best Buy. I had to go in to work for a bit so I didn’t end up installing it until last night. Actually, I should say “trying to install it.”

It turns out that there is a problem with many of the CD keys that LucasArts uses to unlock the game. I checked and rechecked, but no matter what I tried, the installer would not accept my key. I went ahead and wrote technical support, but it can take them days to address the problem, so I wasn’t holding my breath.

I checked my mail this morning, and surprise, surprise – no answer. Eager to start gaming, I went ahead and boxed up the game to try exchanging it at Best Buy. I’ve heard that Best Buy is extremely finicky about accepting returns on software, but the guy that helped me just told me to go grab a new box. Jesse noticed that the game was on sale, but I was just glad that they were letting me exchange it so easily. The returns guy, entered some information in the computer and as he was bagging the new copy of the game he told me that he credited my card ten dollars because of the sale. Bonus! I wasn’t expecting it to be that easy. Now I just need to see if this CD key works.