New Computer Heaven and Hell

I bought a new computer on Friday. Unfortunately, the mother board was a little flaky. Unfortunately, it took me working on it for hours on Friday night, and the great people at PC Club hours on Saturday to localize the problem. It by 3:00 we’d figured out what was wrong, but I had to leave for the Noriega Hotel in Bakersfield for dinner with my family.

I was able to pick up my computer from PC Club (they swapped out the motherboard for me for free) at about noon today. Windows installs in about 15 min on this speed daemon, but within a few minutes of getting it online it had been infected with about 10 (no joke) different viruses. I knew I’d never be able to fully clean them all out, so I reformatted and reinstalled. This time I installed Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 from a DVD that I luckily brought home from work. Unfortunately, there were still too many Windows updates to download that I didn’t have time to finish installing before I was infected again.

I guess the third time really is the charm. I used the Service Pack DVD, and downloaded about a dozen updates on Jesse’s computer, and transfered them over out home network. Once they were installed I was able to connect and download 30 or so more updates. I got Spybot Search & Destroy and Norton AntiVirus installed too, and it looks like I’m clean.

I’ve started reinstalling my apps. It looks like my backup of my Firefox and Thunderbird were successful. I can’t wait to try out some games on this new system.

In case you’re curious (and for historical purposes – it’s fun to look back on this kind of stuff), here are the specs for the new system:
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
1 GB DDR 400 RAM (dual channel)
2 160 GB* Hard Drives in a RAID 1 (mirrored)
and miscellaneous parts from my old system (sound card, video card, DVD ROM, CD-RW, etc…).

So, that’s about it. I haven’t had time to do any benchmarks yet, but I expect this system to be about twice as fast as my last one.

* Drive makers have a really weird way of labeling hard drives to make them look a little bigger that they really are. Mine are actually closer to 150 GB.