EarthLink Customer Service

I chatted with a customer service agent today regarding my bill. He tried to help me, but I’m still dissatisfied. I’m currently paying $50 per month for DSL with EarthLink. It looks like EarthLink is offering DSL for new customers for $40 per month (after 3 months at $20). I haven’t read the fine print, but it looks like SBC and Verizon offer the same level of DSL for even less. I’d like my plan lowered to $40 so that I don’t need to switch providers to save money. I’ve been an EarthLink customer for years, and an extra $10 per month really adds up.

I’m really annoyed that I even have to ask for a reduction in my bill. I know it’s not exactly the same, but Netflix just lowered its fees for everyone without its customers having to do anything. That’s the kind of service I expect.

The customer service rep. that I chatted with did offer to try to get me a month free (I don’t even know if I’ll get that much). It’s a nice gesture, but not really a long term solution.