New Guids

I noticed that Google isn’t indexing my individual blog posts in the archive. There are are few possible reasons for this. It could be that they have too low of a Page Rank, or it could be because they are dynamically generated. The strange thing is that some of my other pages are dynamically generated, and they’re getting indexed.

Google suggests “to keep the parameters short and the number of them small”, so that’s what I’m going to try here. I’m changing my guids (unique ids for each blog post) from md5s to a series of lowercase alphanumerics.

I doubt this will actually get Google to start indexing more of my site, but it’s worth a shot. The only other options I have are to recode my blog software so that it doesn’t use dynamic pages, or to get higher Page Ranks for my pages.

Update: I did some more searching. It turns out that a few of my post are indexed. Hopefully a few of the tweaks I’ve made to the site will help to increase that number, but for now I think I’m going to get back to focusing on content.