Why Don’t You Blog?

If you already blog, feel free to skip this post. It doesn’t apply to you.

I’ve been doing some more thinking about how to attract more readers, and get a better ranking in Google. It should have been obvious to me sooner, but Google scores pages primarily by how many links they have pointing at them. The best way to get more links to my site is to write interesting posts, and then let my readers (that means you) link to me. Of course, this is totally futile if you, the readers, don’t have web space or a blog. So, here’s my challenge to you: If you don’t have a blog, get one and use it. Hop over to Blogger, and within five minuets, you can have a First Post of your own.

Still here? Let me guess, you have some excuse why you don’t want to blog. You might be thinking “I don’t know enough about the web to have a blog. If you found your way here, you can use Blogger. It has been designed by experts to make it easy for beginners to create and run a blog. Maybe you think “I don’t have anything interesting to say.” I don’t buy it. I bet you call your friends and family on the phone and chat. I bet you have opinions on politics, movies, sports, hobbies, art, books, restaurants, TV shows, and everything else. I bet that if you give yourself a chance, you’ll find something interesting to talk about. Maybe you’re thinking “No one will read my blog, so there’s really no reason.” That’s definitely true if you don’t have one or you don’t write in it, but if you do have a blog and you do write in it, then eventually people will find it and read it. Start now building up some content so that when people wander across your blog, they’ll have plenty to read. If you think you don’t have time, think again. A lot of people say that the best blog posts are short and to the point. It should only take a few minuets per day to maintain a healthy blog. That’s enough excuses. If you still think you shouldn’t have a blog, write a comment telling me why.

The real reason I’d like to see more people blogging isn’t because I want to see my Google ranking climb (though, that would be cool), it’s because It’s a great way to create more democracy. “How’s that?” you wonder. I’ve been reading Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. In it, Lessig reminds us that we (American Society) used to talk about all sorts of things in public. Nowadays (yep, it’s a real word — I checked) people are so worried about offending someone that it has become taboo to talk about politics, religion, and abusive monopolies.

Blogs help cure this social weakness by giving people a platform to speak their mind without fear of offending someone or worse, breaking social norms. Blogs allow a free expression of ideas, and allow debates to happen in a safe environment. Blogs form channels for ideas to grow and improve. It’s not all seriousness though. Blogs are a lot of fun, help friends and families keep in touch, and like an old photo album are great for strolling down memory lane.

If you still think you shouldn’t be blogging, drop me a comment or email. We can have one of those old fashioned discussions.