Last Windows Box?

I bought a new computer a couple months back. It’s a pretty decent system, and there’s a good chance that it’ll last me at least a few more years. I’m running the 5 year old Windows 2000, and I’m doing fine. Fine, but not great The only thing that I’ve seen Microsoft come out with in the last five years to improve their OS (besides the bug fixes) have been the improvements to the taskbar. Certainly there hasn’t been anything worth $150 to buy an upgrade.

The only reason I haven’t switched to Apple’s OS X or Linux is because I’m a gamer. I love to play computer games, and currently the best gaming platform I know of is the PC. Virtually every other thing I use my computer for (surfing the web, sending email, developing software, creating and reading documents, and listening to music) work just as well on OS X and Linux.

Fortunately, there’s a way out of my dependence on Windows for games. Actually, there are several ways. First, some company could come along and make it so that other operating systems will be able to play games designed for Windows. Second, Nintendo and Sony might figure out how to make a first person shooter actually playable on a console system. (I think Nintendo is getting really close with the touch screen on its DS.) Third, new genres of games could be developed that will be equally playable on any platform. Any of these three possibilities, and probably several others that I haven’t thought will make it easy for me to switch to a new platform.

Maybe in another post, I’ll write about why Apple OS X and Linux are better operating systems, but not tonight.