Tom's Toothpaste

I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine toothpaste for a while now, probably close to a year. I’ve tried several of their flavors, and my latest new tube is the best so far. First a note about the flavor of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste: it’s milder than regular toothpaste, so it may take a few days before you really taste how good it is.

Back to the new tube. I had to switch flavors because my grocery store stopped carrying the flavors I was used to. I tried their Peppermint Tarter Control and Whitening, but I wasn’t very impressed — it was almost chalky. This time I decided to try their Peppermint Anticavity Plus Whitening gel toothpaste (I can’t find a link to the exact product, but I think this is close). The gel is almost clear, tastes great, and leaves my teeth feeling great.

Oh, one other difference between Tom’s toothpaste and most other brands: it doesn’t foam up as much. It took a little adjustment because I was so used to my mouth filling with toothpaste suds. Tom’s is so much nicer. Now, when I use regular toothpaste, it feels like I’m brushing my teeth with soap instead of toothpaste.

If you’re interested in trying a new brand of toothpaste, I highly recommend Tom’s of Maine. Not only do they make good products, but they’re a good company too.

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