Free Anti-Virus

A few days go Asa asked about free anit-virus software. I’m actually surprised about how much free anti-virus software is available. The only anit-virus applications I’m really familiar with are Norton and McAfee, and I’ve only used Norton for long periods of time.

Based on the comments in Asa’s post, here’s a list of what seem to be the most popular free (for personal use) anit-virus applications:
AGV Anti-Virus

I probably won’t switch until my Norton AV subscription is about to run out, but I think I will give at least one of these a try. As long as it scans my email, lets me easily scan any file I download and periodically scan my whole system (without destroying anything in the process), I’m happy. Of course, the scan needs to be up-to-date so that it can detect any virii that might be attacking my system, but it looks like all three of the above keep up to date.