Six Apart (Movable Type) buys LiveJournal

This is probably the biggest blogging news in a while. The two most popular independent blog companies have merged. Six Apart has a press release, and LiveJournal has a blog post about it. Six Apart is more professional and LiveJournal has a stronger community, so by combining the two, they can become even stronger.

Of course, the acquisition is going to make make a lot of people in the LiveJournal Open Source community mad. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to fork and create a new community. Time will tell.

For those keeping track, the big players (that I know about) in the blog software world are: Blogger (Google), MSN Spaces (Microsoft), and Six Apart. I’m sure Yahoo!, and AOL either have blogs services of their own, or they’re working on them. There are thousands of other small companies that are trying to carve out their own piece of the market. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the audio, photo, and video blogging world as more people get camera phones and want to spice up their blogs.