Mac Mini

Like everyone else today, I’m going to talk about Apple‘s new products. First up, the Mac mini. This is the first of my 2005 predictions to be tested (prediction number 3). I was right. Apple isn’t selling the new Mac Mini for $250 as hoped, but instead for a very reasonable $499.

Cringely may still turn out to be right that Apple is going to take a big risk this year, but this doesn’t seem to be it. Maybe they’ll wait until this summer to drop the price, but I doubt it. Apple usually increases the features and power of their products instead of lowering prices. When they want to lower prices, they come out with a whole new product.

It doesn’t look like the Mac Mini is going to make a good platform for a PVR. Though, it would look sweet sitting in the entertainment center. Who knows, maybe later this year they’ll come out with a PVR Mac.

Back to today’s new products. The other new piece of hardware is the iPod Shuffle. It’s a flash memory based portable media player. It’s smaller than a pack of gum and holds about eight hours of music (the battery is said to last 12 hours). It doesn’t have any display, and they’re really pushing the idea that you’ll just turn it on and listen to music randomly play. I usually listen to my music on shuffle, so I think this is going to be really popular. The best news is that it’s only $99, so it’ll probably be flying off the shelves.