Roomba Is Back in Action

Our Roomba Discovery has been out of commission for the last few weeks. One of the brush bearings wore out, and had be be replaced before we could use it.

I wrote iRobot about the problem before I left on vacation. They said that it would take about a week to ship me the new part (at no charge of course). I went on vacation, and it had been over two weeks, and I hadn’t received anything. I wrote them back and said that I hadn’t gotten the bearings yet. When they wrote back they said that they’d ship them out again, and that it would take about a week.

The next day, I received an envelope in the mail that was supposed to have the parts in it from the original order, but for some reason all it had was the order slip. I contacted iRobot again and explained what had happened. This time I explained how long I’d been waiting, and ask them to rush the parts. I got a reply saying that they’d 2nd day air the parts to me. I missed the UPS delivery yesterday, but got the bearings today. I guess the others (the second shipment) is still on the way.

Anyway, I tried out the new bearings and everything seems to be working fine. Yaaay, no more dirty floors!

I have mixed feelings about their customer service. One complaint that I have with almost every company is that they don’t write you back soon enough. iRobot averaged about a day and a half turn around time to reply to my emails. Is it really that hard to keep up with the flow of email and have a reply sent within an hour? I don’t think so. I understand that accidents happen and it’s easy to ship an empty envelope once in a while. No big deal. They did the right thing by express shipping the next order.

I’m still a little confused about why it took so long to send the original order in the first week. The parts didn’t ship until after a week of my order being placed. I’m guessing that they got really far behind with the Christmas rush. Hopefully they’ll hire enough customer service people to support their newly expanded user base.