More Tests

I went in for some more test, and to talk about the side effects I’ve been experiencing. They suggested that I try meditation and biofeedback to help clear my head, and gave me a guided meditation CD. We did one session there at the office, and it really seemed to help. We also tried some relaxation techniques to help give my neck a break. They think it’s cramping up because of the lack of rest, and that’s contributing to my headaches.

The doctors warned me that some of the patients aren’t doing so well. Nobody has gotten hurt or at least that’s what they tell me. I guess some of the patients are having really bad hallucinations. They’re taking precautions by asking anyone who has had problems with hallucinations to not drive, and they ask that I report it right away if I have any problems. The weird thing is that I have been having little hallucinations here and there. Nothing freaky or anything, and I can usually tell that it’s not real right away, so I’m not really worried about it. I didn’t mention it to the doctors because I’m a little worried about what the other “precautions” might be. If it gets bad, and I’ll go ahead and let them know, but not yet. I’m not ready to stop quite yet.