Getting Cut Off

I had some more tests today. I think I aced them all. Memory games, IQ tests, and everything else they could throw at me seemed way too easy now that I have my own little mental whiteboard. It almost feels like cheating. They asked me how I was doing it, and I explained it to them. They just nodded and made some notes. Typical, isn’t it?

Apparently I’m not the only one who has figured out how to work the whiteboard. To be honest, I got the impression from the questions they were asking that several others had figured it out a while ago. On the other hand, a few people’s daydreams are more than they can handle and are causing serious problems. They think that it’s something the psychologists will have to figure out, and that those people probably weren’t too happy to begin with.

The bad news is that they’re cutting me off. No more little white pills to keep me going. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to go before I’ll start to feel like I need real sleep again. Actually, thinking back, it’s been almost two days since I took my last pill and I feel fine. I think I have developed a bit of a caffeine addiction though, but who hasn’t?

One last thing. They found my blog and have asked me to stop talking about the study. They even hinted that I should delete a few posts. They admit that I haven’t broken any contracts or anything, but they want to make sure that nothing I say about these early studies will have an impact on how the public receives the final product. I guess I understand, but I don’t think I’m doing any damage, so I’m going to keep on blogging.