Two Weeks Without Sleep

It’s been 14 days without sleep, 5 days since my last dose, and I think I’m cured of this thing called sleep. When I started this little experiment, I doubed it would even work. Now I know that is does.

The product looks like it’s going forward. From what I hear, the administrators of the study are eager to start taking their own medication. They’ve convinced the suits to go ahead with the product launch. It’s going to need some more testing to figure out how to evaluate who’s right for the pill and who’s not. I think that at the current rate though, you’ll soon be seeing comercials suggesting that you ask your doctor about a way to free yourself from the bonds of sleep. If you decide to do it, listen to the doctors, get all of the tests, and then prepare for a whole new life.

I have no idea how much the pharma spent developing this drug, and how many they failed at before they got it right, but it couldn’t have been more than a billion dollars or so judging by their hoover’s report. They could easily charge 10 million Americans $10,000 for the regime and make enough cash to put Microsoft to shame. Of course, once people know this can be done, it won’t be long until some compeditor comes out with a similar product, competition kicks in, and treatments are offered everywhere for just a couple hundred dollars. Ten years from now, only the Neo-Luddites will be forced to sleep.