Ground School: Week 5

I’m going to keep this short because I’m pretty sleepy and just want to get to bed. I’m getting a little behind in my reading, but I spent some time this morning trying to catch up on my FARs. I should be able to fully catch up by next week, things have just been crazy around here.

In class, we watched some more of the video — mostly on right-of-way, and airport lighting and signage. The rest of class was spent reviewing material from the book, talking about stall speed, flaps, etc… Good stuff.

I forgot to mention one of the most, um, interesting things the instructor talked about in class last night: spreading human ashes. He was saying that you are allowed to drop things out of the plane as long as they aren’t a danger to anyone. He suggested that if you ever get a job to spread someones remains that you do prepare them first. He likes to buy a blender from a thrift store, and grind up the remains to make sure there aren’t any large chunks of bone left. Then, he said, to roll up the ashes in a long cloth of some sort so that when you release them, the cloth will unravel, and the ashes will be released behind the plane, not right next to it where they can be blown back in.