Canceling Services

I just canceled my Earthlink DSL service. I wrote a while about about trying to get Earthlink to lower my rates. I’d been a customer since June 2001, and I was paying more than they were charging their new customers even after the discount period. Since we have basic cable included at our new place, and we’ve switched to VoIP, cable seems like better option than DSL (we don’t need anything from SBC).

Of course, today when I called to cancel, they offered to lower my bill by $10. If they had offered me that option in November, I’d probably still be a customer. Hopefully they’ve learned, and will be more proactive about keeping their existing customers.

I recently canceled our DirecTV/TiVo service too. Again, since basic cable is included (paid for in my HOA dues), it doesn’t make sense to pay and extra $50 per month for a few more channels and TiVo (plus, it would be hard to get line of sight to the satellite). In contrast with Earthlink, DirecTV has surprisingly good customer service, even when canceling.

When we signed up for DirecTV we committed to a full year of service to get a discount on our receiver. The cancellation fee is $150 if you cancel within that first year. DirecTV has a really nice policy though where they prorate the cancellation fee. Since we’ve been with them for six months our fee would be about $75, but it gets better. If you send your equipment back (at their expense), they’ll wave the fee altogether. This is really the ideal policy. If you’re thinking about trying DirecTV, but you worry about the year commitment, don’t. DirecTV provides great service, and if you get it with TiVo, you’ll never want to go back.