Ground School: Week 13

This week’s class primarily focused on aviation physiology and decision making. The book talked about blind spots in our eyes, hypoxia, and a bunch of other cool things.

The video covered decision making that pilots must be able to cope with. Like: what do you do if you encountered a head wind and don’t have enough fuel to make it to the airport that you were going to? It’s probably a good idea to try to land at a different airport, but which one? Most importantly, you need to be aware of yourself and your abilities, the surroundings, your plane, and the situation. You can’t make good decisions without the proper information. Planning also plays a huge role in ensuring that you don’t get overloaded with work mid-flight.

We’re just about done with class. Just two more meetings, and it’ll be over. We’re going to spend the time planning a flight from Santa Monica to San Diego to Palms Springs to Big Bear and back to Santa Monica.