Link Roundup: May 21, 2005

I’m going to break with my preferred format of writing full comments on these links so that I can get them posted sooner rather than later.

Space Shuttle’s Replacement
This looks like a great way to spur innovation and scientific development.

Paul Graham: Hiring is Obsolete
I think Paul is underestimating the full cost of getting a startup off the ground (especially the lawyer’s fees), but in general he’s right. Startups and the market are better at developing new products than big companies.

Memory Pill
Drugs like this could change society in huge ways, and this is just the start

Fuel Cell Runs on Blood
This is going to make medical implants far more viable.

Bayosphere Launches
Grass-roots journalism gets a little closer.

Robot Child-Herders
Children growing up with robots will see the world differently than we do.

New Game Consoles Need Good Games
I was interviewed for this article and actually got quoted. I’m always amused at how journalists select the quotes to make whatever point they’re trying to make. At least I understood that going into the interview. I should really post some speculation on the new consoles, but I don’t know enough about them yet.

Yahoo Music
Is subscription really the model of the future? I’m not so sure.