Ground School: Week 14

It’s kind of late for me to make a good report of this class session. I know we watched the first half of the video from last week that we must have missed somehow. Then we went out to look at a plane and do a pre-flight inspection. Using a checklist will be important until I’ve done it several times.

When we got back to class, we talked about planning a trip from Santa Monica down to San Diego. I thought we were going to do it as a group in class (as did most of the class), but I guess we were supposed to do it ahead of time. Luckily a few people did, so we went over their plans. Before the next class, we need to plan the rest of the trip: San Diego to Palm Springs to Big Bear and back to Santa Monica. I’ve started, but I still have a long ways to go.

Tomorrow I’m going flying with Gino of the Air Spacers to check out the plane and see what I think. It should be fun, if it’s not too cloudy to fly.