Ground School: Week 15

We finished discussing our cross country trip plans: San Diego to Palm Springs to Big Bear to Santa Monica. The trip seemed a lot harder when I first looked at it than it does now. I should have gotten the local maps for LA and San Diego. The local maps are a lot better at showing the different air spaces, and visual check points. I think I could do a decent job of planning a trip like this on my own now, but I’d want to have someone more experienced look over my plans and offer their advice before making the trip, at least until I get more experienced.

Yesterday was the last class of ground school. I’m a little sad to see it over, but I’m very happy to have finished it and to be moving on to bigger and better things. My instructor signed us off to take the written exam, but I want to wait until I’m closer to finishing my private pilot certification. The trick will be to keep studying and keep training.