Flight Lessons: ground maneuvers

It was overcast at the airport today, so my instructor had to take us up under IFR. I did the taxiing of course, but he had to talk to ATC. Once we were over Simi Valley, we practiced ground reference maneuvers. First, we flew a rectangle course, then we did S-turns over the 118, then we turned around a point. I still need a lot more practice, but I think it went pretty well. There wasn’t any wind to correct for, so it wasn’t a full practice. I’m sure I’ll do more in the future.

Flying back to Santa Monica was all under IFR. I did a lot of the piloting, but Gino had to talk on the radio the whole time. We used VOR navigation, so I got some practice at that. It’s pretty much the same as what I expected, but this really help make it real. There was a lot of time to practice flying straight and level which wasn’t exactly fun, but it’s still useful.