Netflix Selling Used Movies

I’ve blogged a lot about Netflix in the past. There’s just something about them that I find interesting. It’s probably because they’re such a great example of how the Internet can change business in the “real world.”

Today I received an email from them letting me know that they’re offering previously viewed movies for sale starting at $9.99. I think they could probably sell them for less, but it’s a good starting point. They say that movies come with the original artwork and are guaranteed. None of the movies in the current list look like something I’d like to own, but I’ll keep my eye on it. I’d like to try out the process. From what I’ve read, it sounds pretty simple. You just click the buy button, and they’ll ship you the movie. It really couldn’t be easier.

The biggest problem I see is that their selection is extremely limited. All of the movies they’re offering are new, but it still feels like I’m picking through a bin at Blockbuster looking for something good. Hopefully as the program matures, they’ll offer a much larger selection. If they don’t have any used movies available, they should offer to sell new copies if they’re available.