Flight Lessons: it's been a while

My last flight was Wednesday evening. It had been a week and a half without flying because two of my flights were canceled due to weather. It’s funny how I used to love low clouds and fog, but now I know that it means I can’t go flying and I hate it. Nice clear, calm, days are what I look forward to.

My skill level seems to have dropped compared to my previous flight. It could have been that I was flying a different plane (the club’s other 172), or it could be that I was tired from work, or most likely – I just got rusty from not flying. I felt that I was doing a little better with flaring on my landings, but my instructor said that I wasn’t keeping the plane level enough. Probably, I was focusing on my speed and height and not as much on my angle. Hopefully with a little more practice I’ll be able to bring it all together.

My other major mess up was with the radio communication. Most of the things I needed to say, I knew how to say. I just couldn’t get it all out. My first mistake was forgetting to tell ground control that I had the weather information before taxiing. That’s actually twice that I’ve made that mistake. I’ll have to be extra careful in the future and make a practice call before the real one.

Once I started getting nervous on the radio I began making a lot of little mistakes, like not doing a proper readback and just acknowledging the call instead. One time I totally choked, held down the button to transmit, but couldn’t get any words out. Oh well, I’m sure that with more practice this will all get easier.