Flight Lessons: first Camarillo trip

Yesterday we flew to Camarillo airport which is about 30 miles away from Santa Monica. I really liked flying straight and level and having a chance to look around. We practiced navigating with the VOR/DME system. Since we went to a different airport that was pretty close, it felt like most of the flight was spent setting up and using the radios.

My landings still need a lot of work, but they felt better than last time. It was a little weird being at a different airport. I had a little trouble at first judging distances, but it didn’t seem to be a problem.

On one landing I didn’t keep the wings level enough, and the wind picked up the left wing quite a bit when I had just the right wheel on the ground. We were able to level it out without breaking anything, but it was pretty scary. After that I really focused on keeping it level. Unfortunately, that meant I wasn’t as focused on keeping us going straight down the runway, so there were a couple of times where we got pretty close to the dirt. It’s a good thing the runway is 150 ft. wide.