Link Roundup: Jul. 25, 2005

I’ve been putting of posting links way to long. Instead of not posting because I don’t have time to do a nice write-up on each link, I’m going to make this Link Roundup a quick dump of some interesting links. Hopefully next time, I’ll get back to my regular format.

Accelerando – a sci-fi novel available for free online. I started reading it, and it looks good. Maybe once I finish the other three books I’m working on, I’ll get back to it.

BookCrossing – a cool way to share and track books. We really need to use technology to improve sharing networks.

Unexpected images – a camera takes surreal images. Very cool and pretty.

Open Letter Did you know a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe?

Brainpixels – and you thought cat brains were worthless.

The Lost Liberty Hotel – article on eminent domain.

Simon of Space – From the author of The Darth Side.

Peerflix – a non-free (but cheap) DVD sharing network. Very interesting idea IMHO.

Konfabulator – Yahoo! buys Konfabulator and makes it Yahoo! Widgets. I looked at Konfabulator a while back and was very curious. It’s the price that stopped me from using it. Now, it’s free.