Google Talk

I caught the rumors this morning that Google might be launching a chat program. Well, it turned out to be true. Google Talk is live. The best part is that it does use the Jabber protocol. Hopefully this will bring the attention to Jabber that it deserves and start a trend of interoperability in Instant Messaging networks just as there is with email. What I mean is that with email, you can send a message from Hotmail to an AOL user without any problem, but with IM that hasn’t been possible. Google’s choice to use Jabber means that it should be able to communicate with any other Jabber compatible system. I’ll have to be sure to test it out tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and I guess they have some sort of Skype type voice chat functionality. I guess that’s good for some people, but it doesn’t really interest me. When Google offers services like Vonage, then I’ll me impressed.