How could I pass up the chance to talk about Katrina and fundraising when everyone else is (see Amazon, eBay/PayPal, Microsoft, etc…)?

If you haven’t already, it would sure be nice if you could donate to an organization like American Red Cross that are on the scene of an emergency soon after it happens.

Of course, there are several other organizations that could use a donation. WorldChanging suggested Architecture for Humanity as a way to help more in the long term.

Wikimedia Foundation is is holding a two-week fundraising drive to help cover their expenses. Keep in mind, they do more than just Wikipedia, but if that’s all they did it would still be worth it. Bringing information and education to the world is hugely valuable and it’s effects can last much longer than a bowl of soup or even a house.

If you want to make a donation that could have a positive impact until the universe grows cold, check out the Singularity Institute. It might seem a little too much like science fiction right now, but it’s certainly worth thinking about. If a little long term planning is good, then a lot of very long term planning is great.