Link Roundup: Sep. 2, 2005

Arimaa is a game similar to chess, but that is a a little more open ended. The designers/promoters(?) claim that it’s easier to learn and harder to create an AI that can win against a human. I’m not really sure that it is easier to learn (there are a couple of weird rules), but it looks fun. Anyone up for a game?

Regenerative Mice
I haven’t seen this story picked up in the science websites that I visit, so I’m a little bit skeptical, but it’s being reported that mice have been discovered (or created, I’m not sure which) that have the ability to regenerate damaged body parts — something not usually seen in mammals. I wonder if this makes the mice more prone to cancer. I also wonder if they’ll be able to figure out how to apply what they learn to humans existing humans.

Massachusetts Switching to Open Document Formats
I sure hope this sticks. If it does, Massachusetts will most likely be dumping MS Office for free and open alternatives. My opinion is that if states are going to spend tax payer’s money on software, then they should be buying software that the taxpayers can use. The government should also be making more efforts like this to ensure that anyone can read public documents without having to pay a private organization like Microsoft. Now, if we could just get a few more states to band together and commit to open standards, Microsoft might have to support openness.

Gourmet Recipe Manager
This project won SourceForge‘s August Project of the Month. I tried to use it myself, but it throws an error when I try to run it. I don’t know if I’ve installed it wrong, or if I’m missing some component. Hopefully the project will mature over the next few week enough, and I’ll be able to try it out.

Dive Into Python
I’ve been playing with the idea of rewriting my blog software in Python. Python is my favorite language that I never use. I’d like to make it my favorite language. I’ve been reading and enjoying Dive Into Python and would recommend it for anyone who already knows how to program and wants to learn Python.