Flight Lessons: More Instrument Simulation

I got another half hour of simulated instrument flying using foggles. I did some of where I flew the plane around with my eyes closed (per Buzzard’s suggestion), and some of it the old way where my instructor made the turns. He took it a little easier on me I think, and I didn’t feel sick at all. (For the editors: see how I dodged that whole “nauseous” issue?)

Once we got back we practiced a few takeoffs and landings (that went well), and then parked. There was a lot of traffic from people returning from their Labor Day weekend, so we couldn’t really hang out an just fly.

This is just for me to look back on, but…
I finished off another page in my log book last week, so I have some more totals.
103 landings
30.8 hours total
4.6 cross-country
3.1 night
1.0 simulated instruments
0.6 pilot in command