Radeon x850 + ABIT AV8 + RAID = PITA

Here’s the short version:
I bought a new video card for my computer last night. My old one wouldn’t play Battlefield 2 and was pretty much on its last leg as far as new games go. I was thinking about getting an nVidia 6600GT from PC Club, but ended up at Best Buy instead. The guy there talked me into the ATI Radeon 850 Pro which is a fairly expensive card, but not top of the line either.

When I got home I was excited to hook it up. I’ve installed many of video cards and other PC accessories in the past, so I wasn’t expecting too much trouble. On the other hand, I’ve installed lots of cards, so I wasn’t too surprised when I found out that my system wouldn’t boot with the card in. ATI (the maker of the video card) recommends upgrading to the latest BIOS software (that’s what runs before your OS is started). I did, and that let me get a little farther in the boot process, but still not far enough.

After working on it for a few hours and doing some searching, I found a solution. You have to use a specific version of the BIOS (16) if you are using an ABIT AV8 motherboard with RAID and have a x800 series motherboard. So, the good news is that tonight I was able to get home and try it out. Everything seems to be working fine now. I haven’t really gotten a chance to test it out with some serious video game time, but I think it’s working.