Camarillo at Dusk

Last night, my instructor and I flew to the Camarillo Airport. It was kind of a little test where he tried not to tell me anything about the flying. Actually, the silence was a little weird. Overall, I think it went well. There were a few things that I messed up. Three were kind of important.

First, I was aiming for 4,500 ft. on my way to the airport, but caught some lift over the mountains and climbed to 4,900. Another 100 feet, and I would have been in class Bravo airspace (not good). My instructor mentioned it, and I corrected.

The second problem (which was really the first) was that I didn’t have my chart out the whole time. I had it available, but I should have had it on my lap. If I had, I might have though about the class Bravo and not gotten so close.

The third big problem was that on my approach I lined up with the taxi way instead of the runway. It had just rained, and the sun was setting straight down the end of the runway. With the long shadows and glint from the water, I was having a hard time making anything out. Luckily, my instructor pointed out the runway before it became a problem.

I really wish I’d had a camera with me. The sky was beautiful. The last bits of clouds from the rain storm were still in the sky. Off to the north, we could see lightning, and the unstable air made the visibility terrific.

This is going to be my last flight for two weeks. The plane is booked for the rest of this week, and Jesse and I are going on vacation next week.