Link Roundup: Oct. 21, 2005

Writing sensible email messages
When I was a kid, I remember reading in a typing book about writing formal and informal letters, invitations, resumes, etc… Those skills are still valuable, but so are a new set of skills for the digital age — like writing an email.

No Future in PCs?
I don’t think Jonathan Schwartz of Sun makes a clear case for the demise of the PC, but that services will steal the spotlight. I think PCs will continue to be a common gateway to those services. At least for the next few years.
The founders of Google believe that the philanthropic arm “… will eclipse Google itself in overall world impact…” Obviously this is a logical contradiction, but the point is sound. The Foundation has a good chance of producing a larger impact on society than the rest of the company.

Yahoo! Buzz Game
Prediction markets have proven to be useful in the past. This looks like a great way to learn about them and have some fun in the process.

Instead of a simple burial in the ground, sea, or sky, why not think about promession. With promession, your body will be frozen, disintegrated, and then dried out before it’s placed in the ground to decompose. I wonder if it’s sanitary, but still, it sounds interesting.

And now, for some links without comment:
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