Hacker's Diet

I recently read The Hacker’s Diet (via BoingBoing). It doesn’t have any surprising information or magical cures. We all know weight gain and loss is a function of calories in and calories out (hunger is a separate issue). What I like about the Hacker’s Diet is that it gives you great tools for measuring your weight, and allows you to track and forecast your progress somewhat scientifically.

I’ve been 185 lbs. for the last several years. Sometimes I’ll go up or down by five pounds, but on the whole I’ve been very stable in the mid 180s. I’m going to go ahead and give this diet a shot to see if I can get down to 165 — much closer to my “ideal body weight”. I’m not overly concerned about it or anything. I wouldn’t say that I struggle with my weight. It would just be nice to be a little thinner. Check back to see how it’s going. If I don’t mention it again, you can assume I’ve given up.